Current Funded Projects

The Nashville Longitudinal Study of Youth Safety and Wellbeing

Funder: National Institute of Justice

Funding amount: $4,916,000

Role: Investigator

The goal of the NLSYSW is to create a multi-cohort longitudinal dataset addressing the interplay between schools and communities among children and youth in Nashville, TN with a particular focus on safety and well-being. The data used in this study come from school administrative records, student surveys, local law enforcement, a student-led neighborhood mapping initiative, and a variety of other sources.


  • Snap! Using photovoice to understand youth violence in Louisville
  • Funder: University of Louisville Cooperative Consortium for Transdisciplinary Social Justice Research

    Funding amount: $9,500

    Role: co-Principal Investigator

    This study – in collaboration with youth leaders – seeks to understand how youth perceive their neighborhood, with a focus on what they believe are the major problems and solutions to those problems. Using photovoice methodology, we foreground the voices and experiences of young people to address these goals, with a particular focus on equity and social justice.